Welcome to Enigma Group

Enigma Group Ltd is the parent company for a diverse range of businesses operating under the Enigma brand. Each of our businesses operates as stand-alone entities, but all adhere to the same strict standards and principles endorsed by the brand. These are:

Promote a strong ownership culture achieving the optimum blend across the aim of meeting client goals, our business objectives and individual incentives.

Focussed on continuous improvement, we research and consider new ways of doing things from product development, through our supply chain, extending to sales and service delivery

We provide access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised by creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued with equal opportunity to succeed. Enigma actively encourages stakeholder engagement.
Encourage investment proposals which are focused on areas where we believe we can deliver an edge, evolving as we strive to develop solutions to meet the expectations of clients.
Lead a Safety focussed culture whilst taking personal responsibility, value differences and build open, honest, transparent and respectful relationships.